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Welcome Project Inform Aids Walk Team

Aidswalk Team 2018

Be a Virtual Walker

Together! Wherever!


Date: July 15

Time: Anytime!

Minimum: $250

Step out and walk where you are in the world.  Capture your moments on social media and join in the fun! 


There is no minimum for a Virtual Walker. Raise $250 and you'll receive a team shirt. Other incentives for big fundraisers will apply!

Day of the Walk

  • The SF AIDS Walk is 6.2 miles - match it if you can or pick a local peak/building and get to the top!
  • Don't forget to dress appropriately, wear comfy shoes and stay hydrated.



Register now while the iron is hot!

Minimum: None (but raising $250 would be nice, and you get a team shirt)

Step 1:Join our Facebook Page here

We are so thrilled to have you participating with Project Inform's AIDS Walk team. 

Step 2: Register for the aidswalk here

Step 3: on the registration form (which is WAY too long) go ahead and set a goal.  Push yourself you can do more than you think!

Step 4: Under 'Walker Type' select 'virtual Walker'

Step 5: Create a custom URL when it prompts you.  Usually your name or nickname

Step 6: Pat yourself on the back because 'a' you did it... and 'b' you clearly could have designed that form better!

We will be together, wherever!


Even though you don't have to raise money, Project Inform could really use your help!

1. Write an email to your supporters to explain why you are doing the AIDS Walk (virtually)

2. Send it to every person you know. Donations often come from people you least expect

3. Get social! Post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (you get the idea...)

4. Host a dinner party and ask your guests to donate

5. Thank your donors

6. Reach out to the Project Inform team with any questions.


It's your schedule.

Pick a destination: a peak, a building, a scenic walk.

Capture your moments and big smiles along the way. Post them here

Finish your journey, relax, enjoy and be proud of yourself. We are. 


Be a Virtual Walker